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A great idea: R Markdown for Undergrads

A recently published paper by Baumer et al (2014) caught my eye today (HT to Bruce Caron).  I wanted to share it here because I thought it was cool and also had a few comments to make about some of the issues the authors raised.

First, a bit about the paper.  Partly in response to all the media attention to the crisis in reproducibility in science (e.g. Nature) Baumer and colleagues made some changes to introductory statistics classes at Duke, Smith, and Amherst.  The primary change was to require the use of R Markdown for all homework.  RStudio was the editor they used and it appears any cutting and pasting of code, figures, etc. was not allowed.  They conducted a survey of the students early in the class and after the class.  The end result was that students preferred using R Markdown over the typical mode of cut and paste.  They may have grumbled a bit about learning R Markdown but the benefits were obvious to them.

Getting these students using R Markdown and creating reproducible homework assignments is a fantastic thing, in my opinion.  I have worked with younger researchers (although not undegrads) and with older ones.  Convincing younger researchers of the benefits of R Markdown and the general concept of reproducibility is pretty easy.  To put it bluntly, the older researchers are a pain…  There are ALWAYS long conversations (er, arguments) about why their method is not any different than a reproducible one, why their method it is better, etc.  I suppose the “old dog, new tricks” is apropos.  The moral of the story is that teaching undergrads reproducibility and Open Science in general will have many long term benefits and what Baumer and colleagues have done should be more widely adopted.

Aside from my being a big fan of what they did, I have one response to an issue they raised in the paper.  On pages 16-17 the authors discuss the need to collaborate on R Markdown documents and suggest Dropbox as a possible solution. While that might work, I think a better option is to use Git and Github.  This is, I think a great opportunity to introduce version control early on to the students and it fits right inline with the open science and reproducibility theme of the authors efforts.

So in short, what Baumer and colleagues are doing is great. It would be FANTASTIC if they added Git/Github to the mix.

Rstudio and makefiles: Mind your options!

I have written this post mostly for myself. I don’t want to waste 2 hours on this problem again at some point in the future.  Hopefully others might stumble on it too and save some aggravation.

So, the issue I had this morning was writing up a a makefile in RStudio.  I am new to make and makefiles, but have been able to get them running successfully in the past; however, the makefiles I’ve used were mostly borrowed from others and only minor edits were made.  This morning I was trying to add a new target and some dependencies.  As most of my work these days is with R, I prefer to do most of my writing and editing directly in RStudio.  Thus, I fire up RStudio, penned some great prose in R Markdown, and then went to add a new target to a makefile that was to take my R Markdown file, and create an output .pdf and .docx.  Seemed simple enough.

Here’s the makefile like the one I created:

all: file.md file.pdf file.docx

file.md: file.Rmd
  Rscript -e "library(knitr); knit('file.Rmd')"

file.pdf: file.md
  pandoc -H format.sty -V fontsize=12pt file.md -o file.pdf

file.docx: file.md
  pandoc -s -S --reference-docx=format.docx file.md -o file.docx

Looks pretty good!  Or so I thought.  I sauntered on over to my terminal window, and confidently type make and, it runs the first target fine, and then stops… Next step for me was Google and I was rewarded with A Brief Intro to Makefiles. Ah ha! My problem is the tabs. I then head back to RStudio, dutifully replace what I thought were spaces with tabs, run make. Same problem.

This next step took me a while of trying the same thing over and over again, but expecting something different. Say what you will about me. After this brief foray into insanity I then realized that I had my options in RStudio set to replace tabs with spaces. Again, I think I have the problem licked. In RStudio, I go to Tools:Global Options:Code Editing and click off my “Insert spaces for tab” option. That looks like:

After making this change, I once again replace my spaces with tabs, try again, and still no good.  At this point I am sure I know the problem is related to the spaces, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why RStudio tabs are still getting input as spaces.  I give up and copy/paste everything into notepad++, reset my tab options there and go about replacing the tabs.  This time it works.

While I got my makefile working, it was a very unsatisfying solution.  I kept digging and am pleased to report RStudio is not to blame (I never thought it was. User error all along).  As is turns out there is an additional Rstudio Project level option that also controls the tabs.  I have now checked off Tools:Project Options: Code Editing: Insert spaces for tab. That looks like:

At long last my tabs are tabs and my makefile makes and it can all be done in RStudio, provided I take care of my options.