This blog is no longer maintained.  My online activities can be found mostly at my new site: jwhollister.com.  I also maintain the website for rhodyRstats, a Mozilla science lab R study group for Rhode Island.  Please check those sites out for my latest and greatest.

The Blog:

Landscape Ecology 2.0 has two meanings.

First, I intend to use this blog to talk about landscape ecology, scientific computation, Open Science, informatics, and Web 2.0 technologies.  In addition, I use R quite a bit and plan to have some posts about the use of R for geospatial analysis and landscape ecology.  For experienced R users these may be a bit pedestrian.  For novice R users, I hope these posts are at least somewhat useful.   Lastly, If I am feeling adventurous, I may try to combine several of these topics.  Who knows?

The  second meaning of Landscape Ecology 2.0 refers to me.   My training and early research was firmly grounded in landscape ecology, the demands of my job have required that I shift focus some.  While I have maintained an active role in the landscape ecology community my scholarly pursuits have shifted.  I hope to use this blog as one way to reboot my interests in landscape ecology.  Sort of the second version of my life as a landscape ecologist.

The Blogger:

My name is Jeff Hollister and I am a landscape ecologist with a long history of using GIS and computers to do my job.  I have studied how landscape structure impacts water quality, have developed some computational tools with R, and these days spend most of time looking at lakes, nutrients, and cyanobacteria.  On the side I have developed an interest in ecoinformatics, Open Science, data science, and software development.  Although my interest in this area is old, my experience is not.   So don’t expect grand things from me in this regard, it will be mostly my thoughts about delving into something new.

I currently work for the US Environmental Protection Agency as a research ecologist.  While the contents of this blog certainly overlap with my work at EPA, this is most definitely my own personal site.  It is NOT sanctioned by EPA.  It is NOT reviewed by EPA.  As far as I know it isn’t even read by anyone at EPA.   The opinions, posts, and comments are all my own and in no way reflect anything official from the US EPA.

If you want to know even more, check out my vanity URL (cue Carly Simon).


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